PCI Compliant eCommerce Hosting

If you are planning to take payments by credit card on your website (without leaving your website to for instance PP or Authorizenet) your hosting environment needs to conform to the PCI Security Standards Council PCI-Security-Standards-Councilguidelines. GWS-Host certified engineers will work with you to get your Managed Virtual Private Server (MVPS) or Managed Dedicated Server environment into compliance at a small fee of US$ 150.

Note: PCI compliance is only possible on MVPS or Managed Dedi servers!

GWS-Host.com’s PCI Ready Hosting Process:

  1. Open a Support ticket in your GWS Client Portal
  2. We than cater for an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) to scan your ecommerce website of which we will receive a copy (the report from the ASV)
  3. GWS-System engineers will analyze the report and where applicable adjust the server into compliance
  4. Arrange a re-scan your ecommerce website (with ASV)
  5. This process can run multiple times (average 2 - 3 times!) so do not be shocked!
  6. Once the ASV is happy with the server environment the AVS will certify your eCommerce website as PCI compliant and you can start taking on-site ecommerce transactions!

Note: Any ecommerce script you are hosting within your environment must meet the PA-DSS standards. The eCommerce package we offer in our hosting environment do meet these standards!

Order your PCI Compliance Process now!

US$ 150

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