About GWS-Global Web Services Group

leosmallFounded in 2004 by Leo Lammerink , a Dutch national with long-term global Sr. Exec mgt. presence and experience. Known also now for his superb support as "leolam" on the Joomla  Forums and as a Member of the Joomla Bug Squad, the rapid growing company has become a household name in the Joomla community.

Initially founded as JooMaGroup (a playful abbreviation of Joomla/Mambo), the ever increasing global orientation and the market driven decision to cease support services to the Mambo platform resulted in a decision in 2009 for a full re-branding of the corporate identity and after careful consultations with external professional Marketing and PR-advisers the all new branded "GWS Global Web Services" was  born. New exciting products have been launched since than such as a complete new concept OSAM, which represents a full Operational System Application Management portfolio, providing full serviced and Managed Hosting combined with Joomla! Outsourced (Webmaster) Management.

Comprised of 14 professionally trained developers, engineers and web designers, the design studio of GWS has thus far designed, built and maintained over 1,500 Joomla driven websites. The GWS-Desk Support and Services Division with 16 high skilled technical engineers published over 60 Joomla Tutorials and support ongoing 7,000 customers and have provided help and support for over 28,000 technical cases resolving issues for their clients. Support is available 24/7 in all timezones in the world from our Regional Centers of Excellence and Customer Service Centers in Netherlands, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany and Indonesia. The GWS-Host division of GWS-Enterprise Ltd provides specialized CMS hosting services, supported by the world-class yearly subscription based technical support on CMS (including Joomla!)-installations by GWS-Desk.

The recently launched GWS-Deals Division offers a unique concept of a guaranteed "Ready to Roll" website for operational use between 1 – 7 days maximum for each @Deal (Complete Website in a specified vertical market segment. GWS-deals.today answers to the large demand for quick and top quality design and development with the Joomla CMS.